Wing & Fuselage Access Platform, FSCP-WAPS

This portable platform allows easy access to the over wing areas and fuselage from either side of the aircraft. It eliminates the need for constant repositioning of other, smaller pieces of ground equipment and the design can be modified to accommodate any aircraft type. It is designed in two pieces and incorporates a hydraulic lifting system which lifts the platform over the wing.


Fuselage Access Platform is designed as two pieces which raise over the aircraft winglet and back down to base of wing. The Platform pins to end of the unit before it is rolled underneath engine

Our aircraft platforms and stands feature OSHA-compliant designs ensure the safety of your personnel. As well as sliders which extend to interface with aircraft, providing complete fall protection and bumpers which protect the aircraft from accidental contact. In addition, we use high quality, industrial-duty casters, brakes, and indexing pins are built to stand up to travel over rough and uneven surfaces.

Additional information

Part Number


Designed For

Wing & Fuselage Access

Padding Material

Rubber Bumper on Both Sides of Platform And Under Curved Fuselage

Foot Print

44' L x 2' W x 10' H Platform


Hydraulic Lifting System to Easily and Safely Lift Platform Over Wing

Fuel Pod Opening

Extendable Handrails on the Slide Out Side of the Platform