Work platforms

Our extensive lines of work platforms provide a variety of options to allow users to pick the features necessary for their workplace. Units are customizable to help fully satisfy all workplace requirements, including serrated steps, welded aluminum construction and corrosion-resistant materials. Units have been designed and engineered according to all OSHA and ANSI safety regulations to maximize user safety.


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Customized Solutions

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Not able to find the access solution you are looking for? Our industrial equipment specialists can support with specific product recommendations for your facility. You can also take advantage of our in-house engineering and fabrication teams to design and build custom access and maintenance platforms based on the work, functions and regulations that affect your project.

Customizations include

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How to choose the ladder size you need.

There are many things to consider before ordering a new ladder for your facility to ensure you have the perfect features and performance benefits to suit the task. Here are some things to consider.


Is the approximate height that you would like to be able to comfortably reach.


It is important to make sure your ladder will not be too tall to fit into your workspace. This includes, doorways, fixtures, vents and lowered ceilings.

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The measurement of the top step from the ground. It’s important that this measurement is not too far above or below your desired working height.


As ladders get taller, the base width increases. Make sure your ladder will not be too wide for your workspace.


This is how long the base of the ladder runs, depending on the height of the ladder. The taller the ladder, the longer the base.

Platform Features and Benefits

Meets or exceeds all OSHA and safety standards

Reduces strain and risk of injury

Cost-effective access solution

Safe and reliable engineered fall protection solution

Customized equipment to fit your facility needs

Quick and easy storage capabilities

Durable construction for multiple applications

Adjustable features for handrails, tread and material

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