Construction Netting

Engineered netting systems designed for high rise construction. These systems utilize a combination of personnel and debris nets to provide fall arrest protection for employees working at heights and debris containment protecting bystanders below.
Fall-related and struck-by-an-object workplace accidents are the 2nd and 3rd leading causes of on the job injuries and fatalities. Every day, workers are at risk without adequate equipment, training, and prevention systems in place.
Our Perimeter Safety System is designed specifically for construction at high elevations. These systems utilize a combination of personnel and debris nets along with pre-engineered stanchions that extend out from the building to catch debris from falling to the ground below. These systems are designed to move up the building as construction proceeds.

Netting Specifications

Specification Details
Product Name Construction Safety Netting
Manufacturer Factory Supply
Safety Standards Compliance OSHA
CE Certification
Netting Panel 6000 lbs net – 2-½” square, fall arrest netting
Debris netting
Netting Colour Black
Custom colours are available for large orders
Netting Material 6000 lbs net – HTPP
Debris net - Nylon
Netting Cable 1/4” aircraft cable
3/8" available
Netting Design Knotless netting
Sewn rope border
U.V. protection
Custom net sizes based on each project
Abrasion resistance
Rigging Components Galvanized Cable
Wire Rope Clips
Safety Snap Hooks
Slab grabs

Netting Safety and Regulations

Our netting panels are treated to meet NFPA 701 standards for fire-retardancy and have been tested and rated in accordance with ANSI A10.11 and OSHA safety standards. This includes the complete system with all of the hardware installed onto a racking system and tests made to simulate a real-case product falls.

To ensure compliance with regulations, we advise following safety net installation standards. This includes obtaining certification from qualified installers or engineers, conducting testing procedures, maintaining thorough records, and providing worker training.

A comprehensive fall protection plan must consider work nature, site or facility conditions, load capacity, and manufacturer specifications. Proper installation, maintenance, and regular inspection are critical for compliance and effectiveness.

Accumulated debris can compromise the functionality of safety nets and create hazards. Work operations should pause promptly to remove debris or any fallen objects to maintain optimal net performance.



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Fall Protection Netting Features and Benefits:


Ensure any debris is contained protecting individuals beneath a job


Protect workers on the same level as well as above (certain restrictions apply in terms of maximum fall distance allowable by OHSA and ANSI standards, details will be provided on standards-based upon request)

Joint Solution

Our systems utilize a combination of fall protection netting along with debris netting

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Passive Vs Active Fall Protection

Passive Fall Protection
A “passive” fall protection system refers to a system that is non-dynamic, stationary, and does not move or adapt or change when in or out of use. They do not require the use of Personal Protective Equipment or active participation from the worker. Typical passive solutions include Guardrails or Netting Systems. This is the preferred choice for its ease of use without the need for additional training and PPE.
Active Fall Protection
An “active” Fall Protection System requires the use of special equipment and participation by the worker. There are two types of Active Fall Protection Systems, fall restraint and fall arrest systems. These systems share the common feature of securing the worker wearing a full-body harness to an anchorage point with some type of connecting system, depending on the application. Active Fall Protection Systems include Fall Arrest Anchors, Roof Anchors, and Safety Harness’.

Netting Systems

Protecting people and products

Customized systems fit to your facility needs

Protects employees from injury or death from falling objects

Reduces the potential for costly fines and high insurance premiums

Cost effective safety solution

Meets or exceeds all OSHA Safety standards

Safe and reliable engineered solution

Protects passersby from injury or death from falling objects

Reduces the potential for costly litigation

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Details about all of our Netting systems can be found in our Netting Catalogue along with safety statistics and other info.

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