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Fall-related and struck-by-object workplace accidents are the 2nd and 3rd leading causes of job injuries and fatalities in the United States. Every day workers are at risk without adequate equipment, training, and prevention systems in place. Our engineered, standard and custom netting systems have been designed and tested for a variety of applications that meet all required safety measures to reduce injuries and liability. 

Each solution/system can be custom designed by our engineering team for any configuration.


img Rack Netting

Rack Netting Systems

Our Industrial Rack Netting is installed on the back of storage racking to protect aisle ways, work areas, and machinery from products that may become dislodged and fall to the ground below.

img Barrier Netting

Barrier Netting

Engineered barrier netting systems provide protection against falling materials by installing netting systems along walkways or near workstations where employees are working.

img truck netting systems

Truck Netting Systems

Ensure you have adequate fall production for your employees using our Truck Netting Systems. Our systems provide a “soft catch” barrier to protect personnel as they load/unload materials.

img conveyor netting

Conveyor Netting

Factory Supply offers custom conveyor guard netting systems tailored to your facilities operational needs. Aerial Conveyor safety has been an increasing concern in America.

img Oil Pit Netting

Oil Pit Netting

Oil Pit Netting Systems are specifically designed in order to suit your existing service bays and provide a reliable solution with minimal impact on day-to-day operations.

safety construction netting

Construction Netting

Our Perimeter Safety System is designed specifically for construction at high elevations. These systems utilize a combination of personnel and debris nets along with pre-engineered stanchions.

img sports netting

Sports Netting

We offer a complete line of both indoor and outdoor sports netting, designed to keep facilities, participants and bystanders safe. Our American made netting solutions meet rigorous quality control procedures.


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Why soft catch netting?

Our netting is a soft catch product that absorbs energy as an object falls into it. The system disperses energy from impact point to guard frame, cable, and attachment points. Unlike rigid barriers, our nets are allowed to flex at impact, dissipating energy, and providing less excess force to the netting system itself, keeping your personnel and materials safe.

We meet all your custom project needs from start to finish. Our in-house engineering team will ensure quick sign-off on all custom orders and testing while meeting the exact specifications required for your equipment.

You can expect top-of-the-line products and excellent customer service. From design to installation, our team will walk you through the process and help you reach the best solution for your facility needs.

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What are the risks?

In 2018 there were 786 fatalities from being struck by a falling object or equipment, 325 were caused by a falling object.

I fact, the top 2 leading causes of workplace injuries in North America are slips, trips and falls and struck by objects.

  • 137,650 injuries from being struck by falling objects or equipment
  • 16,070 injuries from falls off of trucks
  • 22,020 construction fall injuries
  • 1750 fans injured every year by foul balls in mlb ballparks


What’s the cost?

  • $41,000 per medically consulted injury
  • $7,277,090,000 in direct costs in 2018 alone

Netting Systems

Protecting people and products

Customized systems fit to your facility needs

Protects employees from injury or death from falling objects

Reduces the potential for costly fines and high insurance premiums

Cost effective safety solution

Meets or exceeds all OSHA Safety standards

Safe and reliable engineered solution

Protects passersby from injury or death from falling objects

Reduces the potential for costly litigation

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