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Factory Supply offers custom conveyor guard netting systems tailored to your facilities operational needs. Aerial Conveyor safety has been an increasing concern in America, as it forces companies to create safe working environments without compromising efficiency and productivity.
Traditionally, the four main imminent concerns with Overhead Conveyor Systems include: 
Our systems have been engineered to address and eliminate all of these concerns. Our Conveyor Netting Systems utilize high strength, fire-resistant 1” mesh netting panels, combined with wire rope to secure any product falls with a “soft catch” solution. This means that not only will your employees be protected below from falls, your products will not be damaged either.
Implementing proper conveyor netting systems will result in an immediate increase in safety throughout your facility. Our soft-catch netting systems can be customized to every conveyor set-up using various net types that won’t rust, peel, rot or dent like metal containment systems. Conveyor Netting Systems are tailored to your facilities operational needs, installed in a manner which does not obstruct workflow or equipment, and rated for your products capacity specifically. Rely on our netting experts to provide you with a fast quote that accurately reflects the fall protection needs of your space.

Ceiling Mounted Conveyor Netting Systems

In order to maximize space in warehouses, companies install conveyor systems that are supported by the roof structure. Factory Supply provides conveyor netting systems that tie into the support structure to provide complete side converge as well as underneath converge to catch product as well as items such as conveyor rollers, from falling to the ground below. Conveyor Netting Systems are tailored to your facilities operational needs, installed in a manner which does not obstruct workflow or equipment, and rated for your products capacity specifically.
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Floor Mounted Conveyor Netting Systems

One form of industrial conveyor found in warehouses are floor-mounted systems. In terms of employee safety, the number one concern is products falling from the conveyor and striking someone below. The second concern is product damage or loss from a product fall. Factory Supply conveyor netting systems can prevent both of these things from happening. Conveyor Netting Systems are tailored to your facility’s operational needs, installed in a manner which does not obstruct workflow or equipment, and rated for your product capacity specifically.

Netting Specifications

Specification Details
Product Name Conveyor Safety Netting
Manufacturer Factory Supply
Safety Standards Compliance OSHA
CE Certification
Netting Panel 1000 lbs net – 1” square, industrial
Netting Colour Black
Custom colours are available for large orders
Netting Cable 1/4” aircraft cable (for up to 3000 lbs pallets)
Netting Design Knotless netting
Sewn rope border
U.V. protection
Rigging Components 1/4 Galvanized Cable
Wire Rope Clips
Threaded rods
Angle iron
Additional custom components

Netting Safety and Regulations

Compliant with ANSI b.20.1 standard for conveyor safety and OSHA 1926.555 (a) (5) requirements for conveyor safety: “Where a conveyor passes over work areas, aisles, or thoroughfares, suitable conveyor guards shall be provided to protect employees required to work below the conveyors.”

Our netting panels are treated to meet NFPA 701 standards for fire-retardancy and have been tested and rated in accordance with ANSI A10.11 and OSHA safety standards. This includes the complete system with all of the hardware installed onto a racking system and tests made to simulate a real-case product falls.

To ensure compliance with regulations, we advise following safety net installation standards. This includes obtaining certification from qualified installers or engineers, conducting testing procedures, maintaining thorough records, and providing worker training.

A comprehensive fall protection plan must consider work nature, site or facility conditions, load capacity, and manufacturer specifications. Proper installation, maintenance, and regular inspection are critical for compliance and effectiveness.

Accumulated debris can compromise the functionality of safety nets and create hazards. Work operations should pause promptly to remove debris or any fallen objects to maintain optimal net performance.



Find details about all of our netting systems in our Netting Catalogue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our netting is designed to catch any fallen product or pallet without any damage to your racking. Wire mesh is typically connected directly to your racks and doesn’t have flexibility. Over time, as equipment or products hit against the wire, it can get damaged and even put extra strain on your racking.

Yes, all of our systems include a user manual, custom drawing, and detailed installation instructions. If needed, we offer installation services.

Netting is used anytime a fall hazard may exist. It is used along walkways and isles to protect workers, but is often used in the flu space to protect the product itself from falling and being damaged.

Get in touch with our sales reps, and they can provide you with a Quote Request Form that is easy to fill out. The form asks for information such as the width of your bays, the height of your rack frames, and the weight of the pallets you are looking to protect.

Yes, our netting systems are highly customizable to fit your specific rack dimensions and configurations. We offer tailored solutions to ensure optimal fit and protection.

Our netting is typically made of high-strength polyethylene or nylon material, ensuring durability and longevity. It’s designed to withstand impact and provide reliable fall protection.

Yes, our netting systems are designed and tested to meet or exceed relevant safety regulations and standards, such as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements.

Our netting systems come with comprehensive installation instructions and support. We also offer installation services if needed, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

Our netting systems require minimal maintenance. Regular inspections are recommended to ensure the integrity of the netting and its attachments.

Netting Systems

Protecting people and products

Customized systems fit to your facility needs

Protects employees from injury or death from falling objects

Reduces the potential for costly fines and high insurance premiums

Cost effective safety solution

Meets or exceeds all OSHA Safety standards

Safe and reliable engineered solution

Protects passersby from injury or death from falling objects

Reduces the potential for costly litigation

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Details about all of our Netting systems can be found in our Netting Catalogue along with safety statistics and other info.

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