Phase Maintenance Stands

360-degree access and maintenance solution.

Heli Grade Solutions offers Phase Maintenance Stands that span every access point of your aircraft.

Our stands can be custom built to your aircraft type and can be fitted to the aircraft for a 360-degree access and maintenance solution. Our stands assist in preventing falls as gaps are eliminated with platform customization and each stand features padding on the frame and platform to protect the helicopter from accidental bumps and injuries. These phase maintenance stands can be configured to adjust for different heights, allowing the stands to be used on helicopters of varying sizes and configurations. Our stands are constructed of lightweight materials with pneumatic/air hook-ups, work or service trays and feature casters so they may be easily moved from location to location by one or two people with little force.

Our Rotary-Wing Phase Maintenance Stands are American-made and designed by our in-house engineering team to meet and exceed compliance standards, including ANSI, OSHA and Cal/OSHA.

Factory Supply Aviation Access Equipment has been engineered to fit multiple aircraft types and access points. Please note that in addition to the aircraft models listed, our equipment meets the criteria of numerous aircraft models that match the access point specifications of our tested equipment. Contact our specialists to confirm if your aircraft is applicable or for customization options. 

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    From inception, through to design, fabrication, and installation; Factory Supply Heli Grade Solutions specializes in standard and custom rotary-wing Phase Maintenance Stands. Working alongside our valued clients in the Commercial, Military, and Private Aircraft sectors, we have been recognized as a leader in quality, innovation, dependability and customer service. Our products are designed to safely access maintenance inspection points, perform painting, assembly, overhaul and repairs. 

    Our specialized solutions allow maintenance personnel to work both safely and efficiently while protecting the aircraft. Our maintenance stands are constructed with premium American materials and products while exceeding all regulatory requirements including OSHA and ANSI.

    img Rotary Wing Aircraft Phase Maintenance Stands

    Regulatory and Compliance

    All Factory Supply products are engineered, designed, built and tested in accordance with OSHA and ANSI regulations.

    Many of our products have also been tested, and meet or exceed BS EN 131.7, DIN EN 12312-8, EN 1915-1, and include CE certifications. 

    Built for safety and ease of use

    Our stands assist in preventing falls as gaps are eliminated with platform customization and each stand features padding on the frame and platform to protect the helicopter from accidental bumps and also potential employee head injuries.

    img Rotary Wing Aircraft Phase Maintenance Stands
    img Rotary Wing Aircraft Phase Maintenance Stands

    A focus on the finer details

    Features of our maintenance stands include electric hook ups, pneumatic/air hook-ups, work or service trays, as well as optional composite non-slip decking surface. 


    Standard and custom safety solutions for the aircraft maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) industry.  

    Rotor and engine access stand [helicopter]

    Safety Solutions for Aircraft Maintenance

    Factory Supply combines the technical knowledge of our aviation experts and in-house engineers with your team to turn your vision and needs into high-quality, safe and reliable aircraft maintenance stands. We work in collaboration with you throughout the engineering, design, fabrication and testing process to deliver products that exceed your expectations and all regulatory requirements.

    Research and alignment with industry trends, customer needs, market conditions, and technological advancements remains a cornerstone of our innovative philosophy.

    We strive, not only to create safe and reliable products, but to uncover opportunities to improve the way you maintain your facility and aircrafts.  

    At Factory Supply we are focused on collaboration and innovation. Whether you need a custom designed solution, or are simply looking for an “out of the box” product, our process remains laser focused on exceptional service and support.
    sideimg phase 1 design

    Phase 1: Design

    Simply put, every project is unique. In this phase, we will apply a collaborative and consultative approach to define the requirements, evaluate your needs, and discuss all possible solutions. 

    Phase 2: Safety

    Our defining philosophy, “safety in the air, starts on the ground,” highlights our core focus of keeping our clients and their teams safe. When developing a solution, our team is committed to providing solutions that incorporate hazard elimination and passive protection into all of our designs.

    sideimg phase 2 safety
    sideimg phase 3 compliance

    Phase 3: Compliance

    The aviation sector is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. Our staff engineers are up-to-date on the latest safety regulations and ensure that each piece of equipment meets or exceeds safety compliance standards.​

    Phase 4: Implement

    We will launch your project with a phased approach that includes manufacturing, commissioning, revisions and training. Each aircraft maintenance project is subjected to the rigors of real-world use and adjusted accordingly until it meets all design criteria. Training on best practices and product use is provided.

    sideimg phase 4 implement
    sideimg phase 5 support

    Phase 5: Support

    Once an engine access stand makes it from the design studio into the real world, it is subject to real world conditions and usage. That is why Factory Supply offers an ongoing preventative maintenance and service plan to guarantee easy operation and ongoing customer service years after construction.

    Collaborate with our engineering team to get your ideas on paper and test for safety and regulatory compliance. Implement the design in the real world and adjust where needed for a perfect fit. Work with us for ongoing support and maintenance after project completion.


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