Vacuum Box Handling Solutions

A fixed Vacuum Lifting Solution is an ideal system for moving Boxes and Totes in a defined vicinity. Having provided countless fixed Vacuum Lifters to our customers over the years we continue to get the same results. Our customers immediately notice an increase in productivity, ergonomics, and working environment. We have seen a substantial decrease in injuries and lost time due to decreased morale. In essence, our systems have paid for themselves time after time.

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At Factory Supply we work with a number of trusted international partners to select only the best parts for our Vacuum Handling Solutions. Having the ability to select only the finest products allows our Ergonomic Material Handling Specialists find a solution that is best suited for your specific application.

We consider a number of variables when recommending a fixed Vacuum Handling Solution such as:

- Does the Vacuum Handling Solution address the specific Ergonomic challenge?
- Is This Solution Cost-effective, and if not what solution would give you the best ROI?
- Does The System Meet the lifting requirements of your product?
- Does The Release Time meet the requirements of the specific task at hand?
- Is The Load Balanced or unbalanced?
- Does Product Dimensions change on a frequent basis?
- What Type Of Switch/throttle would work best in your facility?
- What Is The Range in which you need the Vacuum Handling System to work within?