Stock Ladder, 6 Steps

This 6 step stock ladder is designed to lock the stair section in place when these stairs are in use. This stock ladder allows you to easily fold up the ladder and stack it away when not in use. Another application of this stock ladder is that it can be used in its fully extended position or as a steeper climbing ladder when space is limited.


Factory Supply’s Order Picking Ladders are mobile elevated platforms used for picking goods from shelves in warehouses, factories or other industrial settings. With a security locking feature in place, the order picking ladders provide a secure means of accessing stock items in high locations, keeping both your personnel and your product safe. The ladders come in a variety of heights to suit your specific need.


Additional information

Part Number



Easy to maneuver in the open or closed positions

Foot Print

24" x 30" x 60"

Weight Capacity

350 lbs


Built to ANSI 14.2 standards


Blue powder coat finish


Perforated step tread

Number of Steps


Standard Platform Base

24" x 48"