Industrial Ladder, 11 Steps

This 11-step industrial ladder has four swivel casters which allow for precision steering and enable easier positioning of the ladder in tight areas. The double EZY-Lock mechanism on this rolling ladder easily lifts the ladder to the rolling position. Stepping on the bottom step secures ladder to the floor with large 2-1/2″ diameter pads on each leg.

These rotating rolling ladders are designed for maximum agility and mobility within confined workspaces. These rolling ladders pivot on their own axis while still being able to track in a straight line. This industrial ladder features a unique wheel lock system that enables the necessary agility when needed, while also eliminating dangerous movement while the ladder is in use.

Manufactured By: EGA Products Inc.


Providing the overhang necessary to access areas which cannot be reached with a standard ladder, Factory Supply offers Rolling Ladders in a range of heights to suit your particular needs. With several overhang depths to choose from, these Rolling Ladders also lock in place once in use. Our Rolling Ladders are suitable for a range of industries.


Additional information

Part Number



Can turn 360° in place



Material Types

Tough 1″ square tube construction with ergonomic round tube handrails

Weight Capacity

450 lbs


Meets OSHA standards

Number of Steps


Platform Height


Overall W x L (Inches)

38" x 109"

Platform Depth



50 degree incline safety angle on stair allow for hands free forward descent

Top Step