Drum Spotter, 800 lb Capacity

This drum handler is designed to easily move rimmed 55-gallon drums onto and off of pallets. The drum spotter has a maximum pallet height of 6 inches and its base has a built-in counter-weight for stability. Hooks are located below the drum rim and its handle length provides adequate leverage to lift a heavy drum. This drum handling unit uses ratchets in order to maintain the handle position until the operator moves it.

Manufactured By: Morse Manufacturing Inc.


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Additional information

Part Number

Model 81

Designed For

Moving Drums

Weight Capacity

800 lbs

Number of Users




Drum Handling

Designed to be Used With Rimmed Drums, Closed 55-Gallon Steel Tight-Head Or Removable Top Type, 55-Gallon Poly Drums, Fiber Drums With Clamp-On Lids.