Drum Rotator Forklift Attachment, 5 55/30SS-17.5

Utilize your currently existing equipment with this piece of drum handling equipment. This forklift attachment can easily be mounted on your forklift without the need for tools or any truck modifications.


Able to pick up a variety of drums with different diameters, this forklift drum handling attachment is designed to automatically adjust for drums from 22” to 23. 5” in dimeter. On top of this it even accepts diameter adaptors in case you need to move smaller drums.

Additional information

Part Number

5 55/30SS-17.5

Material Types

Stainless Steel

Weight Capacity

800 lbs Full Drums or 500 lb Half Full Drums

Number of Users




Gripping Mechanism


Fits Drum Diameters

5 20” to 20.5” (50.8 to 52.1 cm)