Drum Palletizer, 82H-120

With the addition of this drum handling unit, you will be able to efficiently move drums onto and off of pallets and floors. This drum handling unit uses drum gripping jaws to provide an automatic hold in order to carry your drum into a vertical position. The 82H Drum Palletizer is able to handle virtually any drum that has a rimmed steel collar whether the drum is made from steel or fibre. In addition, this unit is able to lift a variety of different drums with varying diameters.


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Additional information

Part Number



Hand Pump Lift Control, It Takes 27 Pumps of The Hand Pump to Lift A Drum to Maximum Height

Weight Capacity

1, 000 lbs


Push Buttons

Gripping Mechanism

This Drum Handling Unit Uses Drum Gripping Jaws to Provide an Automatic Hold to Carry Your Drum into a Vertical Position

Optional Accessories

Electric Power Lift, Air Power Lift and Battery Power Lift

Motor Type

1PH/115V/60Hz, TEFC

Drum Holder

Jaws and Brace on Sidewall


AC Power Lift

Motor Control

Switch, Cord and Plug