RoofGuard X-Press

With a focus on eliminating the potential hazards for rooftop falls, RoofGuard X-Press was created to combine safety and innovation. The all-new system reduces installation time drastically and still contains many of the excellent features of the RoofGuard Classic model.

Meeting or exceeding all ANSI and OSHA requirements, the all-new RoofGuard X-Press system is widely being recognized as an industry-leading product in fall protection.

Although the RoofGuard X-Press Guardrail System is relatively new, the customer feedback has been exceptional.


RoofGuard X-Press Rental

Affixed to the top of this building, the RoofGuard X-Press Guardrail System provides provided an immediate fall safety solution.

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RoofGuard X-Press Fall Safety Solution Installation

This guardrail system was quickly and easily installed, providing an immediate solution to address this organization’s fall safety concerns.

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RoofGUard X-Press Install

Versatile, RoofGuard X-Press rooftop guardrail system can also be installed as a corner roof edge system as demonstrated in this project.

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RoofGuard X-Press Installation

Here, we installed an 8,000-foot Roof Guard X-Press Guardrail System.

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