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Factory Supply supplied Fall Protection Netting on the mezzanine for one of our amazing customers.

This mezzanine netting was designed to extend the existing guardrail at a manufacturing facility, allowing safe access for workers using portable ladders to reach overhead equipment.

engineered portable truck netting system [fall protection]

Portable truck net system

Responding to an immediate fall protection concern, Factory Supply shipped three Portable Truck Net Systems to this corporation. The feedback from the customer was phenomenal as it immediately addressed and resolved their fall protection concerns.

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Warehouse rack netting solution install [rackguard]

Warehouse netting solution install

Having been the industry leader for rack protection for many years, Warehouse Netting can be applied in a variety of circumstances. Even when shelving units are of varying sizes and the configuration may be odd, custom solutions can be created, ensuring the protection of your goods and equipment while keeping your people safe.

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