RoofGuard Classic Kits

RoofGuard Kits are designed as safe and easy engineered solutions to provide workplace safety for rooftop mechanical work. Shipped in a crate with everything you need, these innovative RoofGuard Kits provide versatile state-of-the-art coverage. Most parts are pre-assembled and the free-standing, portable systems are constructed with corrosion resistant lightweight aluminum tubing and utilize counter-weighted base plates, ensuring that roof penetration is not required. The unique, low profile, stackable base plate design with built-in carrying handle allows for easy, ergonomically friendly installation.

Available in configurations of 9 feet, 18 feet, 27 feet of state-of-the-art coverage, as well as a Restraint Anchor.


9ft Fall Protection Guardrail Kit

The 9 feet Classic RoofGuard Guardrail Kit provides 9 feet of state-of-the-art coverage with two 6 feet returns for ballast.

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18ft. Fall Protection Guardrail Kit

The 18 feet Classic RoofGuard Kit is one of the most versatile systems.

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27ft. Fall Protection Guardrail Kit

The 27 feet Guardrail Fall Protection Kit offers 27 feet of innovative protection with two 6 feet sections for weighted ballast.

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