Hatch Guarding Systems

HatchGuard Kits provide safe ingress and egress through roof and access hatches. Designed to provide immediate fall protection during rooftop entry, it uses a spring- loaded gate system which ensures the gate is always in a secure position after roof egress, thereby eliminating a fall through the hatch.

What is unique about the Hatch Guarding system is that it does not require roof membrane penetration, so resealing issues are non-existent. In addition, the counterweighted system exceeds industry regulations. The HatchGuard Guardrail Kit is a simple, safe, engineered guardrail solution for fall protection.


HatchGuard Kit

The HatchGuard Guardrail Kit is an easy, safe, engineered solution to providing worker safety.

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HatchGuard Installation

Ensuring employee safety, especially in rooftop environments is paramount. Installing HatchGuard fall protection system will help mitigate the risk of falls.

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HatchGuard Safety Guardrail Kit

HatchGuard Safety Guardrail Kit is not only cost effective, it is also compliant with industry standards and regulations.

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