Additional RoofGuard Systems

The new line of RoofGuard products includes RoofGuard Crossover, RoofWalk, RoofStep and RoofGuard Restraint Anchor, products designed to increase the safety of workers in rooftop environments.


Complete RoofWalk Rooftop Guardrail System

Installation of this Rooftop Guardrail System provides workers easy access to service machinery while putting their safety first.

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Rooftop Guardrail for Vent Access and Maintenance

Rooftop Guardrails that are specifically designed for vent access and maintenance ensures the safety of staff and maintenance crew working on building rooftops

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Rooftop Walkway

RoofWalk is a completely customizable line of products that provides a safe "visible sidewalk" surface for regular rooftop access.

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RoofStep System

The RoofStep system provides safe and reliable access over parapet walls.

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