RoofGuard Line of Products

RoofGuard Line of Products is comprised of a wide range of rooftop fall prevention systems including rooftop guardrail, warning line systems and restraint anchors.

This product can be installed quickly and easily on the majority of rooftops without the need for drilling which keeps the roof membrane intact, thereby avoiding any leakage over time. In addition, RoofGuard products meet or exceed all ANSI and OSHA standards.


RoofGuard Classic

RoofGuard Classic can be installed quickly and easily on most rooftops without any drilling, which means no penetration of the roof membrane, ensuring no leakage over time.

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Hatch Guarding Systems

HatchGuard Kits provide safe egress and ingress through roof and access hatches, and are designed to provide immediate fall protection during rooftop entry. Hatch Guards utilize a spring-loaded gate system, ensuring the gate is always in a secure position after roof egress, eliminating a fall through the hatch.

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RoofGuard Classic Kits

RoofGuard Classic Kits are designed as a safe, easy, engineered solution to provide worker safety when working on rooftop mechanical equipment. RoofGuard Kits are shipped in a crate with everything you need, these innovative kits provide versatile leading-edge coverage.

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RoofGuard X-Press

RoofGuard X-Press has been created to combine safety and innovation. The versatile and economical RoofGuard X-Press fall protection system has been redesigned with a focus on eliminating the potential hazards for rooftop falls. The all-new system reduces installation time drastically while still maintaining many of the excellent features of the Roof Guard Classic model.

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Additional RoofGuard Systems

A number of RoofGuard Products are designed to increase the safety of employees while on rooftops which include RoofGuard Crossover, RoofWalk, RoofStep and RoofGuard Restraint Anchor.

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