Aircraft platforms

Factory Supply’s innovative line of Aircraft Platforms consist of a variety of dependable ground support equipment including maintenance platforms, wing stands, tail docks and miscellaneous products that are designed specifically with aircraft maintenance in mind.

All of the platforms are fabricated with heavy duty materials to withstand a variety of climates and weather conditions and to keep your crew safe while working.

And because we take safety seriously, all of the Aircraft Platforms comply with OSHA, CalOSHA or ANSI regulations.


C-130 Trainer Access Platform

Our latest customer required a personalized solution for their state of the art training facility. The C-130 trainer access platform was designed, supplied and installed by the Liftsafe Engineering team. The project was completed before deadline and under budget.

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Aircraft Wing Stand

Safety is paramount in the aviation industry, hence the necessity for consistent maintenance of aircraft while also ensuring the safety of maintenance crew. Investing in high quality maintenance stands makes good business sense.

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Tail Dock Aviation Maintenance Platform

The tail dock platform provides enhanced worker safety so your maintenance crew can easily and safely access difficult to reach areas of the aircraft, such as the tail.

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Easily adjustable to a range of heights, this durable B-Stand is designed to access various components of the aircraft.

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Fixed Height Access Stand Assembly

Designed for use in hangar areas, as well as line maintenance and ramp applications, the Fixed Height Access Stand is an efficient solution for maintenance and cockpit crew to access the main deck.

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Access Stand for Lightweight Aircraft

To upkeep and maintain lightweight aircraft, a smaller access stand is available with castors to allow easy mobility in hangars and on the tarmac.

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C37 and G550 Tail Dock

Providing complete access to critical components of the aircraft, this Tail Dock Stand provides both vertical and horizontal access to the tail of the aircraft.

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