clamp end effector

Clamp End Effectors

Clamp End Effectors specialize in picking up and moving items, these clamp end effectors have two metal pieces that tighten around a given item in order to lift it in the air and move it to the desired location.

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img material handling

End Effectors

With over 25 years of End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) experience Factory Supply has a long history of designing, engineering, and building custom systems with standard parts for your specific application.

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img Dumpers and Upenders

Dumpers and Upenders

Factory Supply offers a variety of dumpers and upenders that allow you to safely tilt and pour items throughout your facility without having to worry about employee injury.

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img Pallet Risers and Steel Pallets

Pallet Risers and Steel Pallets

Durable pallet products that are designed to work together with devices like roll handlers, drum handlers and other specific ergonomic devices. These pieces of equipment come with legs that stick out on either side.

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img Turntables and Carousels

Turntables and Carousels

Designed to safely turn products on pallets and platforms without damaging products or injuring employees. Manual turntables designed to mount on both large and small platforms.

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Mechanical Gravity Tilter


Factory Supply provides a wide variety of tables so that you can safely lift, tilt, and move products throughout your facility without having to worry about employee injury.

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Portable stacker


Safely lift and stack products with an ergonomic stacker designed so you can avoid heavy lifting, repetitive strain, and other common employee injuries. Designed to lift heavy loads.

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Heavy Duty Lift Table

Lift Tables

Ergonomically designed lift tables are designed to raise and lower large, heavy loads through relatively small distances. A recommended way to help reduce incidents of musculoskeletal disorders.

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Drive On Lift Table

Drive On Lift Tables

Drive on Lift Tables allow operators to safely tilt and pour items throughout your facility without having to worry about employee injuries. Designed in order to allow you to drive with up to 4000 lbs.

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Tilt table

Lift Tables and Positioners

Factory Supply has ergonomic material handling specialists on hand that can walk you through finding the right solution for your facility. They can help you identify what works best with your given space.

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img Roll Handling Accessories

Roll Handling Attachments

Although there are a variety of different roll handing solutions for a number of different scenarios, there are some specific circumstances that require some customization.

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Roll Movers

Roll Movers

Roll movers, carts and dollies are designed to safely transport rolls throughout your facility safely to drop off and pick up points without the need for an extensive network of cranes or conveyors.

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