Specialized Carts PHS West

PHS West Specialized Vehicles

Specialized ergonomic transportation solutions for a variety of uses. PHS West products meet the unique challenges faced in specialized industries as a premium provider of medical carts, service carts, lifters, power drive, and patient belongings solutions.

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PHS west set of carts and tugs

PHS West Motorized Tuggers & Carts

Custom motorized carts, tugs, and other transportation solutions in a variety of combinations. These battery-powered carts and tugs were created with the consumer in mind, and they aid in the completion of heavy or time-consuming material handling activities.

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Aircraft Access Stands

AIRCRAFT ACCESS STANDs The Factory Supply platform access stands are designed for aircraft entry access for a variety of different aircraft. As with all our

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Landing Gear Stands

Landing Gear Stands This set of landing gear stands makes it easy to get to the landing gear and wheel wells in a safe and efficient

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Wing Access Platforms

Wing Access Platforms Factory Supply Aviation Access Equipment has been engineered to fit multiple aircraft types and access points. Please note that in addition to

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Tail Dock Platforms

Tail Dock Platforms Specializing in customized aircraft maintenance stands and platforms. Browse our previous projects for aircraft specific models below. If your aircraft isn’t listed, contact us and

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Wheel and Brake Changer

Wheel and Brake Changer This wheel and brake changer is designed to help facilitate wheel and brake disc changes. Turn the changing of the wheels

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Nose cowl dolly

Nose Cowl Dolly The Nose Cowl Dolly is designed to allow for the safe removal and installation of the nose cowl without the need for

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Folding Maintenance Stand

Folding Maintenance Stand This light and versatile folding maintenance stand is designed to offer strength and portability. This folding maintenance stand can be used on

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