wood sheet lifter

Sheet Handling Equipment

Lifting sheets safely is often a challenging material handling problem. We offer a variety of vacuum sheet handling solutions designed in order to safely lift and move sheets made of a variety of materials.

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Box handling vacuum lifter

Tote and Box Handling Equipment

Factory Supply has an extensive line of Ergonomic Box and Tote Handling Equipment designed to improve efficiency and eliminate workplace injuries. We have both portable and fixed systems.

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vacuhand vacuum handler

Bag Handling Equipment

Vacuum Lifters are the perfect solution for quickly and safely moving sacks and bags efficiently and safely, without harming the product. Our products can be completely customized.

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img Vacuum Handling Equipment

Vacuum Handling Equipment

From heavy box handling to delicate glass maneuvering, vacuum handling equipment is the perfect material handling solution. Our vacuum lifting systems can be tailored for your application.

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dump and tilt hopper

Hopper Trucks

Hopper trucks are wheeled containers made of durable materials that have low walls with tapered ends as an ergonomic solution.

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img Drum Handling Equipment

Industrial Hoppers

Factory Supply offers a range of hoppers, including heavy and light duty, forklift and hopper trucks. Our powder-coated metal hoppers are designed to be simple to operate while minimizing fatigue.

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end effectors

Pick and Place End Effectors

Pick and Place End of Arm Tooling systems specialize in moving one item from one location to another. They are perfect for companies that use mass production and increase the efficiency of the workplace.

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clamp end effector

Manual End Effectors

End Effectors can be operated in two different ways: manually or mechanically. Mechanically operated end effectors are perfect for operations that are simple and repetitive.

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end effector

Magnetic End Effectors

These systems are ideal for moving large steel components like sheet metal, automotive or construction parts, machine dies and hydraulic cylinders.

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clamp end effector

Gripper End Effectors

Gripper End Effector Systems come in a variety of styles, including but not limited to the simple two-finger grippers which are used by the vast majority of industrial overhead lifting systems.

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