img Products Crossover Platforms

Crossover Platforms

Our line of crossover platforms helps get people up and over busy work areas, heavy traffic, danger zones and other obstacles or hazards. These access solutions have been built to meet all safety regulations.

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single entry platform

Single Entry Platforms

Our single entry work platforms provide a secure safety solution to help users perform tasks at various heights. These platforms can be easily transported to any location.

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img Products ProductsDual Entry Platforms

Dual Entry Platforms

This line of dual entry platforms increases efficiency and accessibility in the workplace. With two points of access, the platform allows for free movement of workers.

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All Custom Fabrication

Custom Fabrication If you can envision it, we’ll engineer it. Factory Supply has been in the customization business for over a decade focused on designing,

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Drum diameter adapter

Drum Handling Accessories

These Drum Handling Accessories can complete a variety of tasks using your existing drum handling system in order to pick up and move around smaller drums that you currently may be unable to lift.

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img Drum Rollers Rotators Tumblers

Drum Rollers, Rotators, and Tumblers

Factory Supply offers a wide range of drum handling equipment option. Our products provide the benefit of greater safety and convenience with equipment that is available in many different configurations.

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forklift drum handling attachment [morse]

Forklift Drum Handling Attachments

Designed to be attached to forklifts these pieces of drum handling equipment allow you to safely pick up, move, rotate, tilt and pour drums and barrels all while utilizing your current equipment.

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img thumbnail below the hook drum handling

Below the Hook Drum Handling

Factory Supply offers Below-Hook Drum Handlers and overhead drum lifters to handle a drum with your hoist or crane. These drum and barrel lifters are perfect for a wide variety of tasks.

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Forward tilting drum lifter

Drum and Barrel Lifters

Factory Supply carries an extensive line of Drum Handling Equipment that are designed to lift, transport, tilt or rotate drums or barrels of various sizes and weight.

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Platforms Factory Supply offers a wide range of platforms to suit your needs. Designed with your maintenance technicians in mind, our platforms allow easy access

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Fixed Wing Aircrafts

1/2 Fixed Wing Access Safety in the air, starts on the ground REQUEST A QUOTE DON’T SEE IT? LET’S BUILD IT. 2/2 Fixed Wing Access

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