Light Duty Outside Clamp Roll Handlers

Clamp gripping roll handlers use a clamping mechanism that grips the outside of the roll. For some products this mechanism will damage the roll (see Light Duty Core Gripping).

Light Duty Outside Clamping roll handlers are used to lift, move, and reorient rolls that weigh up to 500 lbs.

These pieces of equipment can be designed to perform a number of functions, the two main functions are;


Roll handlers that are designed mainly to move a roll from one point to another without having to change the horizontal orientation of a roll. The clamp fits on the outside of the roll and can move the roll up or down, forward or back, side to side.

Lift, turn, and rotate

Roll handlers that are designed to change the orientation of a roll. This can be to turn, rotate, and lift. The clamp fits on the outside of the roll and the roll can be turned from a horizontal to vertical orientation, rotated in tight spaces, or between different machinery, among many other practical uses.

Injury incident : Accident Report Detail
At 2:17 p.m. on February 16, 2018, an employee and a coworker were remounting the gray back paper roll onto the paper stand in a gypsum plant as it was originally installed backwards. The employee was standing on the left side of the roller and his coworker the other side when the employee instructed his coworker to move the paper arm up. When the coworker did so, the employee caught his thumb between the clamp and the shaft, crushing and fracturing his thumb. Hospitalization was not required.


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A Guide to workplace muskuloskeletal disorders

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