Lift-N-Go II Portable Lifter

Introducing the Lift-N-Go II portable lifter, engineered to effortlessly handle loads of up to 200 pounds. Despite being our most compact and lightweight offering, its capabilities are not to be underestimated. The Lift-N-Go II stands as a formidable solution to address your ergonomic material handling challenges with precision and efficiency.
Choose sophistication with a lifter available in either a sleek powder-coated paint or stainless steel finish. Equipped with standard swivel casters featuring foot-operated brakes at the rear, this lifter ensures both mobility and stability. Enhance your operational flexibility with the option of additional power packs, facilitating seamless multi-shift operations.
Prioritize user comfort and control with ergonomic design elements, including an adjustable handlebar and a convenient detachable remote controller. The Lift-N-Go II is not just a lifter; it’s a refined tool designed to optimize your material handling processes.


Expand-O-Turn roll handling attachment for Lift-O-Flex


Electric core expander for paper and film rolls.

Load Platform attachment for Lift-O-Flex

Load Platform

Allow operators to handle totes, boxes, roles and pails. Available in standard and custom sizes. 

Core Probe attachment for Lift-O-Flex

Core Probe

Available in a fixed or wheeled model, used to handle rolls from pick up to drop off. 



The Off Set Rotating “V” Block is designed for handling rolls with multiple drop-off locations.

Lift-N-Go II Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits
Platform Maximum Weight
  • 200 lbs
Anodized Aluminum Profiles
  • Lift Masts
  • Welded Base
Steel (Powder Coated Paint-Optional SS)
  • Handlebar: Height Adjustable
  • Power Pack Cover
Standard Swivel Casters
  • Standard Length Lift Masts
Foot Operated Kick Brakes
  • Lift Mast Slip Clutch on Down Movement
  • Current Limiting (No Limit Switches)
Totally Enclosed Lift Mast with Ball Screw
  • Provides Safe Load Handling on the Down Movement
Current Limiting (No Limit Switches)
  • Smooth Up and Down DC Powered Movement
Electronic Power Pack
  • Quick Exchange Features for Multi-Shift Operation
Detachable Remote Controller
  • Operator Control Over Load Handling Functions
Adjustable Handlebar
  • Achieves Ergonomic Operation
Highly Maneuverable and Lightweight
  • Weight: Approximately 90 lbs
  • Easy to Operate
UHMW Load Platform Dimensions
  • Width: ~22 inches
  • Depth: ~17 ¼ inches

Lift-N-Go II Specifications

Lift Stroke Total Height Total Lift Height - Floor to top of Platform
1550mm (56.7") 1928mm (76") 1692mm (60.9")
1800mm (66.6") 2178mm (85.8") 1942mm (70.8")
Minimum Lift Height Standard:
Lift Speed 200 HD Series:
Length (w/o Platform):
Load Platform (Depth x Width):
Wheel Diameter (Front/Back):
Maximum Load Series:
Lifter Weight w/o End-Effector:
Battery Voltage:
Battery Capacity:
Lifter Finish:
158mm (6.2"), 108mm (4.25")
90mm/sec (3.5"/sec)
771mm (30.35")
440mm (17.3") x 560mm (22")
60mm (2.3") / 100mm (3.9")
90Kg (200-lbs)
40Kg (90-lbs)
Powder Coater Paint/Anodized or Stainless Steel/Anodized


All of our Material Handling solutions either meet or exceed all applicable regulations which include; OSHA, ANSI and ASME B30.20.


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