Factory Supply provides a wide variety of tables so that you can safely lift, tilt, and move products throughout your facility without having to worry about employee injury.

Tote Box Tilters

Portable tote box tilters designed to make lifting and handling small parts and containers easily.

Straddle Tilters

Straddle tilters designed to make positioning and handling small parts and containers easily.

Powered Tilters

Portable, powered tilters designed to handle various products and lift up to 6000 lbs.

Hand Pump Lift Tilters

These hand pump lift tilters are designed with safety in mind and come with a brake and foot protector on the swivel caster. In addition, they can lift and tilt equipment/product within your facility with the ability to lift up 2,200 lbs.

Stationary Tilters

These stationary tilters are designed to lift and tilt products weighing up to 6,000lbs up to 85 degrees. These are an ideal solution for applications that require regular access to heavy equipment and/or products.

Injury incident: Accident Report Detail
On February 10, 2003, Employee #1, an electrician employed by the Boeing Aircraft Company in Long Beach, CA, underwent surgery for a back injury caused by cumulative trauma. The dates of the individual instances that resulted in the surgery are not provided. The electrician was suffering from back pain after years of maintaining several sizes of portable light fixtures, known as “Candlesticks.” The “Candlesticks” were 20-inch to 48-inch fluorescent light bulbs placed vertically on a round base that stabilized the lighting fixture. The light fixtures were used inside airplanes being built. Employee #1 was the only electrician who maintained the 40- to 100-pound light fixtures. He lifted the fixtures up onto a work bench to maintain them. Over the years, the cumulative effects of lifting manifested itself as back trauma. The work was done in a 1,000-square foot maintenance shop used by electricians for maintaining equipment and for storage. Employee #1 was a full-time employee of the employer, which was a manufacturer of commercial airplanes.
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A Guide to workplace muskuloskeletal disorders

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