Magnetic End Effectors

These systems are ideal for moving large steel components like sheet metal, automotive or construction parts, machine dies and hydraulic cylinders. As long as the item is magnetic, a magnet end lifter is the most effective choice of an end effector. Magnetic end of arm tooling devices are most often used in manufacturing and automotive industries where the use of metal parts is common.

Magnetic grippers are ideal when you want to pick up, place or position flat, steel products. The applications are very diverse, such as:

  • pick-and-place of steel parts
  • handling perforated sheets
  • unstacking workpieces from crates (bin picking)
  • positioning sheets in presses
  • stacking or unstacking hot baking tins

Injury incident: Accident Report Detail
At 8:20 a.m. on February 13, 2019, an employee was cleaning the area and trying to remove by hand a steel L beam that was on the floor. The beam was caught by a wrapped stack of steel L beams that had another stack of steel L beams on top of it. The stack of wrapped steel L beams that was on top was turned over by the employee when trying to remove the L beam on the floor by using hand force. The stack fell over his left leg, crushing it. The employee suffered multiple fractures in his left leg, was hospitalized, and his leg was amputated.
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A Guide to workplace muskuloskeletal disorders

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