Movomech Pneumatic Cranes & Manipulators

Movomech Pneumatic Cranes and Manipulators includes our line of modular rail systems. Through a series of suspensions and trolleys, we can easily build complete systems, with extensions and accessories as needed. Our smooth-running trolleys make sure that PHB cranes can be moved rapidly and repeatedly without harming the loads. If roof-mounting is unavailable, Movomech pneumatic cranes can be mounted into the ceiling or floor-mounted steel structures.
Mechlift P

Mechlift P

The Pneumatic Mechlift Pro, known as Mechlift P, is constructed using anodized telescoping aluminum profiles, reducing maintenance requirements. This highly adaptable lifter serves a wide range of lifting and handling applications, offering compatibility with standard or customized tooling and accessories, such as rotation units, tooling fixtures, and brake units.

Mechlight Pro

Meet the Mechlight Pro, an air-operated lifter designed for easy handling of fixed loads up to 110 pounds, boasting an impressive working stroke of up to 47 inches. It can be equipped with a balancing function to accommodate a diverse range of loads. This versatile lifter can be effortlessly installed on overhead rail systems, wall mounts, or pillar-mounted cranes.
Mechlight Pro
Mechline Pro

Mechline Pro

Introducing the Mechline Pro—an effortlessly maneuverable line balancer designed to handle loads of up to 110 pounds with ease. The lifting wire, renowned for its exceptional durability, can withstand up to an impressive 300,000 work cycles. For those engaging in frequent use, averaging around 200 operating cycles per day, this translates to an extended lifespan of 1500 working days—equivalent to over five years of reliable performance!

Mechspace Pro

The Mechspace Pro is a pneumatic momentum-absorbing lifter thoughtfully designed for effortless control, flexibility, and seamless movement across a vast workspace. Its unique momentum-absorbing features make it a valuable asset for tackling intricate material handling tasks and maneuvering unconventional loads.
Mechspace Pro

Movomech Pneumatic Crane Specifications

Mechlift P

Specifications Details
Type Pneumatic Mechlift Pro
Versatility 63 kg, 80 kg, 125 kg
Tooling and Accessories Standard or Customized (Rotation Units, Tooling Fixtures, Brake Units, etc.)
Counterbalancing Yes (For Handling Various Loads)
Drive Unit Electric or Pneumatic (Powerdrive) for Controlled Sideway Motion
Common Applications - Lifting and Handling Material Rolls or Sheets
- Handling Doors
- Handling Windows
- Lifting Storage Tanks
- Automotive Parts Handling
Features - Easy Integration
- Many Pneumatic Versions
- Reliable and Easy to Service
- Handling Auto Parts

Mechlight Pro

Specifications Details
Type Ergonomically Designed Momentum Absorbing Lifter
Lifting Capacity 165-1,430 pounds
Maximum Stroke 78 inches
Tools and Accessories Standard or Customized Tools and Accessories (Rotation Units, Tool Fittings, Brake Units, etc.)
Common Applications - Lifting Rolls
- Handling Doors
- Handling Windows
- Lifting Storage Tanks
- Handling Auto Parts

Mechline Pro

Specifications Details
Type Ergonomic Lightweight Lifter (Pneumatic)
Lifting Capacity Up to 50 kg
Lifting Stroke 400-1200 mm
Noise Level < 70 dB (A)
Tare Weight 23 (27) kg (Standard and Automotive Versions)
Lifting Speed 0-40 m/min
Rotation 0-360° (Unlimited)
Air Consumption per Cycle 9.8 ln/mSL (at 5 bar)
Working Pressure 4.5-6 bar
Working Temperature 5-40 °C (Indoor Use)
Applications - Material Handling in Manufacturing Industry
- Light Vehicle Parts Assembly Work
- Picking from Conveyors and Roller Conveyors

Mechspace Pro

Specifications Details
Type Pneumatic Moment Absorbing Manipulator
Load Capacity 50-70 kg
Maximum Torque 500 Nm
Length of Stroke 900 mm
Noise Level <70 dB (A)
Maximum Tare Weight 100 kg (Hanging Model)
Hoisting Speed 0-40 m/min
Rotation 0-330° (Upper and Lower)
Air Consumption per Stroke 8 l (With Maximum Load)
Working Pressure 4-7 bar
Working Temperature 5-40 °C


All of our Material Handling solutions either meet or exceed all applicable regulations which include; OSHA, ANSI and ASME B30.20.


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