Drum Dumper, 800 lb Capacity

This drum dumper is an offer affordable solutions for dispensing drums in low-level dumping applications. With this drum handling unit drums and barrels are manually secured into a saddle with a ratchet and pawl locking device.  Once lifted, drums and barrels can be manually rotated 180 degrees using a self-stopping hand crank or wheel.

Manufactured By: Easy Lift Equipment Inc.


Factory Supply Inc. Provides a number of standard and custom ergonomic material handling solutions. We have experience in creating and supplying solutions to the Automotive & Manufacturing Industries, Pharmaceutical & Hospital Industries, Food & Beverage Industry and Warehouse & Retail Industries.


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Part Number

EasyLift™ Drum Dumpers with Manual Clamp and Forward Rotation

Designed For

Designed for Moving Drums

Weight Capacity

800 lbs

Number of Users



Push Buttons

Attachment Mount

The Forward Tip arms Hold the Product(s) in Place Throughout the Entire Lifting Process to Ensure Controlled Product Handling.