Why Pick Modules and Mezzanines Need a Fall Protection System


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Pick Modules and Mezzanines are amazing ways to increase the production levels of a factory or warehouse, but they also introduce risk for employees.  For employees working on them, there is the risk of falling, and for employees under them, there is a risk from falling product.  Without a netting system or other type of protection device, products could easily fall from the side of the mezzanine or racking potentially injuring an unknowing person walking by and potentially damaging the product.  Also, without a guardrail or other fall protection systems in place, workers on the mezzanine system are exposed to the potential of falling.

Employers should treat pick modules and mezzanines like any other situation that puts an employee at risk, and take reasonable measures to eliminate or reduce the risk. This is when a Fixed Rail Fall Protection System comes into play. These systems can usually be set-up as a fall restraint system that can integrate with your existing racking, to keep your workers safe while still allowing you to have the most effective use of space and labour possible.

By installing a fixed rail fall protection system you will not only be ensuring the safety of your employees and products but will also be ensuring that you are OSHA/OHSA compliant.

By installing a Fixed Rail Fall Protection System you will ensure that your Pick Module will be safe for your employees to use, but you will still be able to optimize your product flow while reducing congestion and pick errors. It also ensures that you are staying OSHA compliant.

Production speed should not be the only thing on your mind, you should also be aware of the potential dangers your employees may be facing if you have not implemented a fall protection solution.

Beyond workers falling from a height, there is also the potential for the products or other materials to fall from mezzanines and racking systems.  The product accidentally bumped out the back of a rack could potentially fall into a production area or walkway.

The use of a netting system can contain a product that falls from the rack and provides a barrier between workers below and the falling items.  This not only protects the workers but also often can save valuable products from the damage associated with falling.

Though fall protection rails and rack netting are extremely effective, they are not the only solution and in certain circumstances, other systems may provide a more suitable solution.  It is best to talk to a fall protection expert about your particular situation before you make any decisions. A fall protection expert will be able to work with you to develop a solution, which will make your pick modules and mezzanines safe to work on and around.



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