Racking and Storage Safety

Keeping your pallet racking safe is vitally important. In addition to your annual rack safety inspection by a trained inspector, you should carry out regular internal inspections at set intervals (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc). But what should you check for?
If a racking system collapses it can lead to major injury or even death. Racking is manufactured from relatively light components and consequently is susceptible to damage. Any damage to racking will reduce its load capacity. Eventually, the racking will collapse even when it is within specified safe load limits. Prevention is always better than a cure and is less expensive. Periodic, rack safety audits make good business sense and are a critical component of every warehouse’s successful planning and operation.
In general terms, storage equipment comes in two categories, shelving and racking. Shelving is for pedestrian picking, hand-loaded applications and as such, under normal use, sustains little damage. Racking, however, is constantly being loaded and unloaded with mechanical handling equipment and therefore is much more susceptible to damage.
Rack Netting Safety Products
To support facility safety, the use of Industrial Rack Netting as a cost-effective, engineered solution designed to make warehouses safer for employees and visitors. Rack netting is installed on the back of storage racking to protect aisle ways, work areas and machinery from products that may become dislodged and fall to the ground below.

Use of Racks
Employers must ensure lift trucks are being driven and products are being loaded and carefully unloaded on pallet racks and that workers are provided with information, instruction and supervision to protect the health and safety of the worker [OHSA, clause 25(2)(a)].

Employers should consider providing worker training on:
Employers should ensure:
What should be included on your pallet-racking checklist?
To keep your warehouse racking safe, you will need to perform preventative maintenance weekly. If you have questions regarding capacity or replacing shelving components, contact us for assistance.