Push Towards Fixed Access Ladders


Fixed Access Ladders, RoofGuard and Importance of Fall Protection Training & Systems

Recently there has been a push to ensure the safety of workers by making sure the way that they access rooftops is safe. No longer are extension ladders being considered a safe way to access a rooftop, instead, there is now a push to install fixed access ladders to ensure safe access to rooftops.

Several Mechanical/HVAC maintenance contractors have been fined from not reporting buildings that don’t have safe roof access and instead of using extension ladders to reach the rooftop. Don’t be next, be smart and ensure that your employees are following safe working practices to avoid receiving fines.

Building owners should now consider installing fixed access ladders or making sure that their fixed access ladders are up to spec and regularly inspected to ensure their safety. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Also fixed access ladders may require a type of guardrail around them or a cage. This is another reason why you should ensure that your fixed access ladders are regularly inspected, as trained professional inspectors will be able to tell you if your rooftop requires additional protection to remain in compliance with current fall safety legislation.

Liftsafe Engineering & Service Group Inc., PARCS Ltd and Liftsafe Fall Protection Inc. all offer a wide variety of rooftop fall prevention guardrail systems as well as fixed access ladders. On top of this both Liftsafe Engineering & Service Group Inc. and PARCS Ltd offer a wide variety of inspection programs, fixed access ladders included.

Ensure that you are in compliance with current legislation, contact the experts and be safe.