Wheel and Brake Changer, FSWBC- 15F389

This Wheel and Brake Changer is designed to help facilitate wheel and brake disc changes. With the addition of this Wheel and Brake Changer, changing wheels and brakes will become a one-man operation thus reducing man-hour requirement, while not interfering with the gear jacks. This Wheel and Brake Changer was also designed to eliminate the necessity of lifting wheels, tires and brake disc.


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Additional information

Part Number

FSWBC- 15F389

Aircraft Type

Boeing 707. 727, 737, 747 Douglas DC-8, DC-9, DC-10 Lockheed L-1011 Airbus A300/310, A320, A330/340.

Caster Details

Three Heavy Duty Casters


Durable Powder Coat Finish


57.5" L x 40.25" W x 130" H


15F389 — Boeing 737, DC-9 15F388 — Boeing 707, 727, 757, 15F679 — Boeing 747, 767, B777

End Panels

Storage Box

Steel Rollers

Screw Jack to ProvideFfore and Aft Tilt, Hydraulic Pump to Provide Vertical Lift