Rolling Ladder Platform, 11 Steps

This 11 step rolling ladder platform is one of the most durable rolling ladders on the market today! This rolling ladder was designed using finite element analysis and then robotically tested. The prototype rolling ladder platform units achieved more than 60,000 cycles before replacing the latch hook was required.

A single pedal lifts the rolling ladder platform into rolling position. When ready to use apply 70 pounds of pressure to the steps and the rolling ladder and the front feet will automatically drop to the ground securing the ladder to the floor for safe climbing.


Providing the overhang necessary to access areas which cannot be reached with a standard ladder, Factory Supply offers Rolling Ladders in a range of heights to suit your particular needs. With several overhang depths to choose from, these Rolling Ladders also lock in place once in use. Our Rolling Ladders are suitable for a range of industries.


Additional information

Part Number



This State of the Art Lockstep has Only One Pedal Which Lifts the Ladder Into the Rolling Position



Material Types

Durable–Manufactured with 1”OD Tubing

Weight Capacity

450 lbs


Built to OSHA and ANSI Standards


Gray Powder Coat Finish

Number of Steps


Platform Height


Overall W x L (Inches)

32" x 80"

Platform Depth



Climb the Ladder and Your Weight Activates the Lockstep – Locking the Ladder to the Floor in the Climbing Position


Available in Both 59° Ladder Slope or 50° Stairway Slope Allowing Forward Descent

Step Depth

14” Deep Top Step Standard – 21” and 28” Available