B 5 Maintenance Stand, FS14-15F3065

The B5 Aircraft Maintenance Stand is an updated, improved version of the longtime standard B-5 Stand used by the Military. This B5 Stand offers a practical and economical solution for overhead maintenance or production jobs.

The platform of this B5 Stand can be raised between 7′ to 11′ off the ground, allowing for safe access for maintenance crews working at these heights. B5 Stands can also be used as temporary access stairway for aircraft and construction work.


Suitable for servicing commercial aircraft of varying sizes, Factory Supply’s B-Stands are the practical solution to access difficult to reach aircraft components. Ensuring the safety of your technicians and maintenance workers, critical fall protection mechanisms designed into each stand.


Additional information

Part Number



Foot Actuated Hydraulic Pump and Tow Bar

Platform Height

88″ – 135″

Aircraft Type


Caster Details

8” Heavy Duty Swivel Casters with Brakes and Swivel Locks

Weight Capacity

500 Lbs


Non-Skid Deck Platform

Shipping Dimensions

105" L x 63" W x 101" H

Platform Size

30” x 76”