Free Rooftop Safety Handbook

Download up to date OSHA requirements for Working at Heights (Fall Protection)

This Handbook Includes:

  • The minimum height required to have fall protection in place

  • An easy way to meet OSHA requirements without any extra training

  • How to know the difference between an active and passive system and why it matters

  • Multiple locations that may be on your roof that could be considered unprotected

  • Specific legislation regarding working at heights and what you can do to protect yourself

  • The direct and indirect costs of a working at heights incident on your property

  • Selecting a system that won’t damage your rooftop
Rooftop Safety Graphic

outline your safety strategy

With rooftop safety regulations continually evolving, understanding the complexities of the regulatory landscape can often be viewed as a daunting task for business owners.

That’s why we have created a rooftop safety handbook, which is designed to support you in understanding and creating a rooftop safety strategy for your business.

Download the rooftop safety handbook now.

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