Providing safe access to hard to reach helicopter maintenance points for the US Coast Guard Air Station in Sitka Alaska.


USCG Air Station reached out to our team with a custom rotary wing access stand request. They required 360-degree access to their helicopter maintenance access points. This stand was created for access to the engine, transmission, main rotor, tail rotor, and fuselage of their Sikorsky S-92 aircraft. The aeroplane technicians needed a complete solution that covered every access point of the aircraft to perform a total oveahaul while protecting workers safety.
The Factory Supply team created a full-phase maintenance fuselage wrap-around stand with removable railings and 20-inch locking slide-out platform extensions. With a 1500-pound weight capacity per side, this access platform offered access to difficult-to-reach sections of the helicopter and safe access for two-person operations. The fit of the maintenance stand was fine-tuned through a protracted process of calls, emails, and several drawing revisions. Customizations included right and left fuselage stands with a slide out tail rotor stand trap door and slot for tail rotor blade maintenance. These American-made Heli Grade Solutions are designed by our in-house engineering team to meet and exceed compliance standards such as ANSI and OSHA.

Safely accessing the fuselage, engines, main rotor and tail rotor maintenance points FOR 360-DEGREE COVERAGE.

The Factory Supply team was professional and polite, and provided a solution that worked specifically for our team.
— USA Coast Guard