Vertical Drum Lifter, 55/30-19GR

Kontrol-Karriers with Power Tilt Kontrol can be attached to your monorail, crane or chain block for quick, sure below-hook drum handling by one person. This, in turn, will save time, reduce waste and improve productivity for efficient, controlled high-level pouring. Diameter adaptors can be used for each smaller sized drum. To use simply insert the diameter adaptor into the drum holder in order to handle your smaller drum with the same drum handling unit.


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Additional information

Part Number


Designed For

Lifting and Moving Drums Weighing Up To 1500 Lbs


The Web Strap and Ratchet Drum Holder Is Made to Handle 55-Gallon Steel Drums with A 22.5-Inch Diameter

Weight Capacity

1500 Lbs Capacity for Full Drums And A 800 Lbs Capacity For Half-Full Drums

Number of Users



Push Buttons

Gripping Mechanism

Models with the 3-Piece Drum Holder Secure Your Drum With Two Hinged Metal Bands And A Toggle Clamp In The Front

Optional Accessories

Web Straps, Drum Adaptors, Ratchets, Asymmetric Drum Cone and an Optional Bracket Assembly

Fits Diameters

19” (48.3 cm)