Vacuum Wood Sheet Handling

Wood Sheet Vacuum Handling Systems are designed for handling rough or smooth wood surfaces, and are designed to lift, tilt, and rotate. Designed to work where you need it, we have both fixed and portable Wood Sheet Vacuum Handling Systems. Our Wood Sheet Vacuum Handling Systems are compact, air-powered and designed for one user to lift heavy wood panels without straps or slings. These systems are ideal for workplaces that require speed for production/assembly, storage, and improved ergonomics.

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Our Vacuum Handling Solutions Include:
- Powered Tilt
- Manual Tilt
- Manual Rotation
- Powered Rotation
- Air Powered
- Electric Powered
- Pick and Place Systems

Additional information

Weight Capacity

Capacities up to 1, 500 lbs. are available.


All of our Vacuum Handling Solutions Either Meet or Exceed all Applicable Regulations Which Include; OSHA, ANSI and ASME B30.20.