Vacuum Lifting System, Anver VT

The Anver VT boasts an easy-to-use up and down control system with an easy grip handle. This handle and system can be adjusted to match the operator(s) hand strength and provides a 100% continuous duty cycle. This system features an all-new bag handling pad attachment, designed to move product on pallets and conveyors without bending, stretching, reaching, or lifting.

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This system is designed for bags/sacks up to 125lbs. (57kg), and allows companies to move product safely and efficiently without compromising worker safety.

Baghead attachments are available in plastic and stainless steel depending on the nature of the industry and includes a heavy-duty pump, wire-reinforced tube, and vacuum gauge.

The Anver VT-Series Vacuum Handling System can be combined with a fixed or portable system depending on the nature of your business and the need for the job.

Additional information

Part Number

Anver VT

Weight Capacity

125lbs. (57kg)