Stock Picking Ladder, 4 Steps

This four-step stock picking ladder is a versatile combination ladder that can also be used as a carrying cart or a stock picking ladder. This stock picking ladder allows workers to pull multiple items from inventories simultaneously, thus helping to improve response time. These rolling ladders travel with ease to where workers need them—and then lock securely in place to ensure operator safety.

Manufactured By: EGA Products Inc.


Factory Supply’s Order Picking Ladders are mobile elevated platforms used for picking goods from shelves in warehouses, factories or other industrial settings. With a security locking feature in place, the order picking ladders provide a secure means of accessing stock items in high locations, keeping both your personnel and your product safe. The ladders come in a variety of heights to suit your specific need.


Additional information

Part Number


Material Types

1″ square-tube technology is more abuse-resistant than conventional round tube design.

Weight Capacity

450 lbs


Meets or exceeds OSHA standards


Technologically advanced Grip Strut® tread for slip-resistant footing.

Number of Steps



Exclusive Ezy-Lock® system plants ladder legs firmly to the floor when pressure is applied to the bottom step.


Three levels of 23″ x 25″ shelves provide 24 sq. ft. of storage

Top Step


Step Dimensions

Steps that are 7" deep and 21" deep