Steel Stairs, 10 Steps

This 10 step steel staircase provides strong and reliable access to elevated areas including mezzanines and elevated platforms in a variety of industrial settings. These metal stairs are OSHA compliant and constructed in the US of steel with an all welded design. These industrial metal stairs are designed to be durable and affordable.

If you need any modification to these metal stairs please contact us for a custom stairs quote.

Manufactured By: EGA Products Inc.


Providing safe and convenient access to reach areas such as mezzanines and elevated platforms in a variety of industrial settings, Factory Supply’s Industrial Stairs are OSHA compliant. While painted steel options are the most economical, we can also provide custom options in aluminum or stainless steel. If our standard products are not suitable for your needs, contact us for a custom solution.


Additional information

Part Number


Foot Print

29" x 70" x 130"

Material Types

All Welded 1″ Square Tubing Construction

Weight Capacity

300 lbs


Choose Between EZY Tread or Grip Strut for Tread Options

Number of Steps


Step Width


Step Depth


Total Rise


Total Run