Rotacaster Hand Trucks

The revolutionary, award-winning design of Rotatruck Self Supporting Hand Trolleys specifically addresses issues of hand trolley use that often result in a workplace injury. Reduce fatigue and risk of strain injuries while increasing ease of handling and transporting speed. Create greater workplace safety, efficiency and productivity.


Applications of the Rotatruck Self Supporting Hand Truck include freight and logistics, office, home and warehouse use. The Rotatruck stair climbing hand truck provides unrivalled maneuverability where you need it most. It allows users to transport heavy or awkward loads up and down stairs with greater safety, control, confidence and reduced risk of damage to property. Engineered for use in most environments including transport and logistics, furniture and appliance removals, office, retail and general warehouse.

Rotatruck stair climbing mount assemblies can also be fitted to other mobile industrial equipment that may benefit from improved maneuverability or the need to negotiate steps. Some of our customers’ applications include mobile cooking oil filtration units, carpet cleaners and soda blasters.