Rooftop Walkway, RoofWalk

The RoofWalk system is designed to create a sure-footed walkway on your rooftop. This fully customizable rooftop platform utilizes non-slip materials and is installed above the roof membrane ensuring no damage is being done while it is being utilized. Utilizing our counter weighted baseplates and RoofGuard rails, this system can be tailored to any flat roof application, providing safer access to any workspace by eliminating slipping and fall hazards. Engineered for safety and built economically the RoofWalk system is a must on any rooftop where constant roof access is required.


Our rooftop walkway systems are free standing and utilize our counter weighted baseplates, eliminating the need for hardware connections to your rooftop. When coupled with our RoofGaurd Classic guardrails, this system is able to protect workers/contractors from potential falls and trip hazards.


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This System Is Designed to Meet Or Exceed All Major Governing Bodies Fall Protection Requirements Including: ANSI, OSHA, OHSA And MOL These Include BGV A1: 2000, EU Directives & CDM Regulations, Health, Safety & Welfare Regulation 13 “Falls Or Falling Objects” 1992


Self-Weighted Baseplates Are Portable and Allow Simple, Non-Penetrating Installation to the Rooftop.


With the Addition Of One Of Our Rooftop Fall Prevention Devices, You Will Be Able To Reduce PPE And Training Requirements Of Your Staff And Contractors.