Rooftop Guardrail, X-Press

RoofGuard X-Press is a unique, easy to install rooftop guardrail system. This rooftop fall protection system is designed with pre-fabricated rail sections which can be installed and dismantled quickly for temporary applications, without sacrificing quality, durability and most importantly safety.

This unique system gives you the ability to design your own rooftop guardrail solution, allowing you to determine how much linear coverage you wish to cover, from 8-feet to over a 100! Note: This system is sold by the rail length.


RoofGuard X-Press comes in two distinct rail lengths, the 8-foot rail length is powder coated in high-visibility safety yellow and the 6-foot rail sections are powder coated in grey. The reason these colours where chosen is to allow for simplistic assembly. The 8-feet lengths are designed in order to go on the roofs leading edge and the 6-foot guardrail sections are for the returns/ ballast. The yellow guardrail also serves as a warning sign for workers who get to close to the roof edge, allowing them to always be aware of where the danger is.

To properly build your system you first need to purchase the required number of individual rail lengths and the corresponding number of required RoofGuard accessories. A standard RoofGuard X-Press System requires 8’ of leading-edge yellow guardrail, with 6’ grey returns as well as baseplates and rubber pads.

Our unique, low-profile, stackable baseplates are designed in order to weigh only 40 lbs and are engineered with a carry handle which allows for an easy, ergonomically friendly transportation and installation.

RGC-KIT-09 9' Long Guardrail System 9'-4" x 11" x 18" 450 lbs
HG-KIT-18V 18' Long Guardrail System 9'-4" x 15" x 18" 525 lbs
RGC-KIT-27V 27' Long Guardrail System 9'-4" x 15" x 18" 600 lbs
RGX-08-Y/RGE-06-G Custom Length Custom Custom
Custom Rooftop Guardrail Custom Length Custom Custom


Additional information

Part Number

RGX-08-Y and RGE-06-G


This System Is Designed To Meet Or Exceed All Major Governing Bodies Fall Protection Requirements Including: ANSI, OSHA, OHSA And MOL, These Include OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1926.501, 29 CFR 1926.502, Canadian National Building Code,,, Ontario Building Code Section,,, HSG-33 Health & Safety In Roof Work, BS 6399: Part 2 1995 Wind Code, EU Directives & CDM Regulations, BGV A1: 2000, Health, Safety & Welfare Regulation 13 “Falls Or Falling Objects” 1992

What Comes With the Rail

Complete Installation Manual Horizontal Rail




Self-Weighted Bases Are Portable and Allow Simple, Non-Penetrating Installation to The Rooftop

Required RoofGuard X-Press Rail and RoofGuard Components

To Properly Be Able to Assemble Your Rooftop Fall Protection Guardrail System You Need: Yellow X-Press Rail Grey X-Press Rail RoofGuard Baseplates RG-Rubber Pads

What Quantities Should You Purchase?

Example: For 48 Feet Of Linear Coverage 6x – 8’ Yellow X-Press Rails 3x – Grey X-Press Rails 20x – RoofGuard Baseplates 10x – Rubber Pads *For More Examples Of Different Quantities Of RoofGuard Products You Need To Purchase In Order To Build Your RoofGaurd X-Press System Please See The How To Order X-Press Document.