Plastic and Fiber Drum Handling Unit

Plastic and fiber drums are often extremely unstable during pickup and pouring operations due to the flexible side walls of the drums; this is a huge material handling issue, which is where this stabilizing collar comes into play. This drum support is placed around the top flange, for plastic and fiber drums allowing them to be rotated and picked up safely.

During the squeeze operation at drum pickup, the stabilizing collar makes use of the tabs that mate with the lifter grippers. To assist in maintaining position, the collar keeps the drum walls from deforming during the pour operation. Once the contents of the drum have been poured out, the collar is then removed and reassigned to the next drum that requires dumping.


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Additional information

Designed For

Moving Drums Made of Plastic and Lift-O-Flex & Squeeze-O-Turn models

Weight Capacity

500 lbs, Depending on Model

Number of Users





Manual Clamp

Gripping Mechanism