Pivoting Truck Netting System

Designed to eliminate fall protection concerns, while maximizing space; our Pivoting Truck Netting Systems are ideal for facilities that have multiple use bays, or where customers do not want to connect directly to the flatbed.


This simplistic design combines safety with functionality, as it can be operated by a single user and provides a soft catch barrier between personnel and the ground. Our Pivoting Truck Netting System has been engineered to open or close easily, with no additional setup required for the netting panel. Arms fold out from the fixed columns and butt up against the side of the flatbed. No direct connection. Categorized as a passive system, our Truck Netting solutions require no training to operate and eliminate the need for the use of harnesses, lifeline systems, or overhead cranes.

Cost Effective:

Our truck netting systems are a cost-effective solution to drastically reducing your lost product costs annually, they eventually pay for themselves!


One Purchase, One Installation, One Problem Resolved. Our netting performs when it counts, and it lasts.

Reasons Why Our Truck Netting is the Solution for you:

Falls off of flatbed trucks during loading and unloading operations are on the rise due in part to irregular materials such as steel, pipe, timber, unbalanced loads, and a lack of knowledge regarding Fall Protection Safety within the industry.

Our systems are designed to eliminate the number of serious accidents whereby personnel is either fatally injured or suffer a significant injury from a fall. Helping you to ensure the safety of your employees.

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Our Netting Systems Are Designed and Engineered to Meet Or Exceed Industry Safety Standards and Are Widely Recognized By MOL and OSHA As Preferred Methods Of Protection.



What Comes in the Kit

Load Rated Netting Panels (2500#) Rigging Hardware