Parts Rack, FSC-0001

Cowling and Parts Racks are designed to safely and securely store a variety of components, tools and other valuable items. These part racks have adjustable shelving and dividers which make allow for the best use of the space while providing adequate storage compartments for aircraft parts. We can configure shelving and storage areas to suit your preference.


At Factory Supply Inc. Our products are engineered for specific applications to provide safe access for hard to reach places. We offer both custom and standard products, and work with our customers, to design, engineer, and fabricate custom access stands and ground support equipment for our extensive international customer base. Through rigorous product testing, we have refined our products to perform when it counts.


Additional information

Part Number


Aircraft Type

Parts Racks for all Aircrafts

Material Type

Constructed Fully of Steel or Aluminum and Low-Alloy Steel Connectors

Caster Details

Swivel Locking Casters

Number of Users



Powder Coat Yellow Finish


Customizable Layout to fit Helicopter Model


20" x 38" x 60"

Overall Height


Overall Width



Fuel Resistant, Will Resist Most Oils, Not Effected by Sunlight or Harsh Environmental Extremes. Locking Cage Doors Located On Outside Of Cowling Rack Frame

Optional Accessories

Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Shelf Surface: Carpet or PBC Imprinted Film

Overall Length