Pail Lifter, Pail Partner

The routine handling of 5-gallon pails can cause back strain, fatigue and other musculoskeletal disorders. This pail lifter has been specifically designed to eliminate these problems. This pail lifting device has a counterbalanced 4-wheel design making it easy to move and lift pails from and to pallets, tinters, shakers, customer vehicles and countertops without the interference of straddle legs.

This pail handling device is compact in size, making it the ideal solution for narrow retail aisles and crowded warehouses. With the addition of this pail lifter, you will see a decrease in the amount of physical strain on your employees, but also an increase in overall productivity, especially when used to load vehicles.

Manufactured By: Lift'n Buddy


Factory Supply Inc. Provides a number of standard and custom ergonomic material handling solutions. We have experience in creating and supplying solutions to the Automotive & Manufacturing Industries, Pharmaceutical & Hospital Industries, Food & Beverage Industry and Warehouse & Retail Industries.


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Pail Partner

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200 lbs

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