Office Ladder, 1 Step

This one step office rolling ladder is built with 100% square tube framework for a stronger and cleaner look and is easily maneuverable in crowded office environments and locks into place. A portable rolling ladder such as this one will provide reliable access for a variety of application uses. The legs of this office ladder have rubber tips to add traction while in use, and 16” and 24” wide steps are available. Office ladders come in four standard colors to match your office décor.

Manufactured By: EGA Products Inc.


Providing ergonomic and safety benefits for workers, Factory Supply’s Industrial Step Stools gives workers additional height to reach elevated work areas or difficult-to-reach items. The step stools can be easily adjusted within a given range by simply loosening the lock nut, twisting the threaded feet to the desired height, and then tightening the lock nut. Our Industrial Step Stools also feature slip-resistant steps, lightweight construction and high durability.


Additional information

Part Number




Material Types

Rigid 1 inch square tubing

Caster Details

Spring loaded 3 inch casters

Weight Capacity

450 lbs


Meets OSHA standards


Four standard colors


Solid tread coated with anti-slip vinyl

Number of Steps



7 inches deep with 14 inch deep top step